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Personal email, calendar and contact management that is fast, safe and spam free

Be Free Email Communications

Web POP and IMAP

KJHosting Business Grade Email

    1. Easy to use
    2. Ample storage options
    3. Use with any popular email client
    4. Import old email accounts
    5. Set and go
    6. Yourname@yourdomainname
    7. Sync Email, Calendar and Contacts across all devices
    8. Email alias
    9. No adds or privacy infringing
    10. Choose your own email client such as outlook or apple mail
Note all prices listed on this site include Australian GST.  Non residents deduct 10%.


$ 55
  • 5 GB


$ 94
  • 10 GB


$ 110
  • 30 GB


$ 220
  • 100 GB

We offer a quantity based discount on KJHosting Business Email:

  • 5+ accounts, 5% total discount
  • 10+ accounts, 10% total discount
  • 20+ accounts, 20% total discount
  • Do you prefer to use
    Google Workspace or Microsoft Office?


    We can also facilitate the complete services of Google workspace and Microsoft Office as your email and business suite.

    Talk to us if you prefer these options.
    Starting at $132 per account.
    Google workspace

    Google Workspace storage options 30GB, 2TB, 5TB (price on application) 

    Ms office

    Microsoft Office Storage – 1TB  (price on application)

    Why Email?

    Email has been around for a long time, and businesses and individuals widely use it. Also if you use a professional email signature this will make your email messages look formal and helps you build trust with your clients.

    There are three times more individual email accounts than both Facebook and Twitter social media profiles combined. That’s not all. You are six times more likely to get a click-through from email than on Twitter.

    Every brand should therefore leverage email solutions to increase the effectiveness of their business communication.

    Email, as a one-to-one communication channel, remains popular with individuals, brands and employees simply because:

    One: It works and is still highly relevant!

    Two: t’s easy to use, accessible and highly effective when sending messages from one person to the other.

    Three: Email has long been a go-to one-on-one communication channel for individuals and will continue to be so in future years.