Video Conferencing

Meet and collaborate, work and educate.
With Big Blue Button!

Simple to use and engaging.
Stand alone or built in to your website and eLearning platform.

Video conferencing

Video Conferencing Features

Adapt easily for business meetings, group collaboration, and online classes.

Documents Upload

Easy presentation upload with the support for PDF, text, images and Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel documents


Whiteboard annotation of slides for highlighting content​

Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms to get students engaged in collaborative learning​

Video Options

Low, medium, and high-resolution video options that serve all levels of WIFI bandwidth


Public and private chat​


Quick And Easy Polling That Encourage More Student Engagement

Multiuser Whiteboard

Multi-user whiteboard for student engagement​

Shared Notes

Shared notes for easier group collaboration​

Screen Share

Easy, intuitive screen sharing that keep students engaged​

Hand Raise

A hand-raising feature​


Student feedback through the use of Emojis​

Video Share

The ability to easily share video links within the main presentation area and playback is controlled by the instructor

  • We think BBB is great for online classrooms  as well as business meetings.  
  • Its easy to use on any device and the user experience is second to none.
  • Video conferencing technology like BigBlueButton will never replace great teachers or team leaders but technology like this in their hands is transformational.    
  • BBB integrates seamlessly into many platforms as well as offers a great standalone management dashboard.  
  • We are able to customise it to your particular requirements.
  • Try it you won’t be disappointed.

Get in touch and we can discuss the best pricing and use options for your situation

The Video Playlist below contains tutorials demonstrating the diversity and ease of use of Big Blue Button